goodbye, new friend.   in an afternoon I fell in love with you.

we are wedding photographers.

and for the privilege of capturing exquisite moments we enter into a myriad of intermingling lives for just an afternoon and one evening.

the love in the air is often palatable.  we can feel it, just like we witness the tensions and the bittersweet moments, the tenderness, the nervousness or the divorced spouses getting a long for just one special day in honor of the love for their shared child.

and with the intimacy our lens affords us, we capture it all.   we are an ally.  your confident.  we often step into role of most trusted friend, kleenex holder, confidence builder, boundary protector, encourager, big sister …. for just those hours.

gratefully, humbly, gladly.

we love to capture these moments that you will cherish a lifetime.

we love to be a part of your family for just one day.

it’s been almost a year since I met this man.  and fell in love just a little bit with everything about him because every moment he spent all day for his daughter at her wedding was filled with joy.

his smile contagious.  his laugh delightful.   his love for his daughter unsurpassed, only equaled, by his love for his own bride sitting right at his side as he helped her enjoy and understand her surroundings.  for years, he has cared for Maria Cristina’s mom.  his wife.  she has Alzheimer’s.

this month I learned this fine, distinguished, glorious man passed away.   it took me a while to post this as I did not want to do it crying.

I failed at that even these few weeks later.

we are wedding photographers.

we love what we do.

we love you, our families.

we thank you – as the most fulfillment I’ve had in any profession is in moments like these.

where I know my gift to capture your exquisite moments brings with it the permanence of these people who you love with their unique expressions or reflection.  we gift you with glimpses into souls to cherish and remember forever.

it is a privilege.

and I am grateful.

as I am to have met you, my new friend.  Forever rest in the grace of our loving God. purelyjoyous photography. steve and maria park.g-1-122

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