I absolutely love when families include their dogs (sheep, lambs, horses, llamas, cats, cows…. you get the idea) in their wedding day or family photo shoots.

Last weekend, to my delight, a family included their bulldog puppy “Molly” in their photo session. One of the extended family members was watching and said, “Oh, I see how you photographers do this. You take a lot of photos, and figure that one of them is going to have to be good enough. Great idea.”

Well……. sort of……..with families, the two legged and four legged included, I do tend to overshoot. I shoot the posed shots families want, of course, but also spend a lot of time just shooting the moments as they unfold with their precious kids, grandparents and their pets intermingling. I have found this approach often leads to several images of the quality and look that they are expecting like this one of the fabulous puppy, “Molly.”

And then the others, that although somewhat less than perfect, these images are often more delightful and capture the spirit of their four legged family members.

With that in mind, check out my new “bestie” Molly and her fantastic outtakes.

I’m not sure who had more fun at this photo shoot, me or Molly. I know it’s not one I’ll soon forget. Here’s to Molly and her family. Looking forward to next time!

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