“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
– Aaron Siskind




Elopement packages start $550
Wedding packages start $1,600 for 4 hour coverage, $2,600 for 6 hour coverage, $3,500 for 8 hour coverage.

STARTS AT $1,600


Starts @ $250 / 30 minute session or $450 / hour session. Custom sessions available upon request, including multiple locations and wardrobe changes.


Fine Art

Purelyjoyous Photography Fine Art is available for purchase. Contact us if you’re interested in framed, canvas or loose prints, as well as cards or fine art books.


Our philosophy at Purelyjoyous Photography is simple, “spread love, one image at a time.” Your role, as the client, to simply enjoy the experience. Art is intended to be enjoyed, thought provoking. Art creates a feeling that stays with you and changes the way you think. Maybe about something important. A glimpse of light that opens the door to a whole new perspective. Photography is a very personal expression of art. It is intimate. Peering in past a façade right into the soul of its focus. Our approach at Purelyjoyous Photography is more like the new friend than the tyrannical dictator. We know the key to catching exquisite memories is to make sure you are comfortable.
Happiness lights up an image, and natural expressions capture a moment best. Our best shots are typically when you don’t remember we’re there. If we are afforded the gift to share your time, you will find us to be engaging, while also slipping quietly into the background, shooting those natural, unguarded images you will cherish forever. At Purelyjoyous Photography we like to say, “we don’t take the photographs, we thoughtfully ask to borrow them; and, give them back as moments frozen in time and filled with love.”


Q: I’m getting married this year and love your art. What are the next steps to connect and confirm your rates and availability?

A: Congratulations! What a lovely time for you and your future spouse to share. My first recommendation is remember to breathe deeply and savor this special time. Being engaged is an exciting experience full of planning and anticipation. It will fly by, and also can get overwhelming. Lots of special people in your life whom you both love will have opinions and voices in the process. Take some time to reflect and remember the reason you’re doing this in the first place. Focus on the love part and the rest will fall in to place.
If Purelyjoyous Photography feels like a good fit for you, the next step is easy.  Contact us here through the website. One of our team members will reach out via email and get some more information from you so that we can confirm are availability on the dates your considering for your wedding, and work with you to ensure we either have the right package for your vision and budget, or we can customize one to meet your needs.

Q. I’m nervous about how my kids will behave for the photography session, do you have any recommendations?

A. Great question. Natural pictures of happy humans are the very best photos of all. Our aim is for you and your family to simply enjoy the session. No pressure. No stress. The best photo sessions are the sessions where the families come to enjoy themselves and the experience. Let us take care of capturing the moments and guiding the little ones on how photo sessions can be fun. Over preparing the kids beforehand or pressuring them too much to behave tends to have the opposite effect of a natural fun experience. The pictures will indicate the stress level.

Q. I’d like to receive the raw and edited images of our session. Is that possible?

A. Our clients receive a selection of the best lightly edited photos from the session. We do not provide our clients with all of the raw images of the full event as not all images are good images. Uncle Henry is yawning or someone’s elbow is straight across the bride’s smile, someone’s arms are raised and parts of their body are being seen that they don’t want seen by anyone. The only way to ensure potentially embarrassing images of our clients aren’t out on social media is to ensure that those images are never seen. Our clients trust us to capture unique, truthful and exquisite moments. Out of respect for that trust, our commitment to our clients is only the best images are available for view and distribution.

Q. Do you have custom packages available?

A. Yes. Please let us know what you’re considering and we will work with you to align as close as possible with your vision and budget if at all possible.

Q. I’m a photographer and would love to be on your team?

A. Hey! That’s great. Please send an email to me @ with your phone number and the information of your website or social media presence. I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you for your interest.

Q. I love your work, and would love to hire you for a family session if you’re ever in my area. What is your travel schedule for this year?

A. Thank you so much! Check out our Next Destinations section of our website for future travel dates. And, please reach out to me and let me know where you live and what you’re interested in. I can keep you in mind if I do have the opportunity or more clients interested in your area!

Q. I am madly in love with one of your photos and would love to by a framed print? How do I order prints from Purelyjoyous Photography?

A. Well, thank you so much! I still get so excited when someone wants to actually hang one of my images in their home. What a privilege. Thank you. Please reach out via email to and let us know. I’ll get in touch with you to assist you with connecting to how you can place an order through our gallery.

Q. What is your best recommendation for a new photographer starting out?

A. Take your camera everywhere. And shoot. Shoot everything you see that is unique or beautiful. Shoot something that is ugly and try to find the beauty in it through your lens. The best way to develop your style and talents is to shoot and shoot some more. And, know that only you see what you see just that way. Trust your vision. Trust your talent. And shoot. One day you’ll look at an image and realize it’s astoundingly beautiful. And, on that day, you will start to soar.


At Purelyjoyous Photography we like to say, “we don’t take the photographs, we thoughtfully ask to borrow them; and, give them back as moments frozen in time and filled with love.”