The best advice I know to give photographers looking for insight to hone their skills is always bring your camera; take the shot.

And, then, take it again.

And, again.

It’s how we start to appreciate own unique perspective, and style. Discover what we like best about our art, and what we want to continue to fine tune.

A gaggle of photographers can look at the same scene, take the shot from the same location and each image will be unique.

Because we each see beauty in individual ways.

We each create beauty uniquely.

My fine art photography typically is born from a place of love. Whether it’s on the boat with my family, or traveling around the world for work or pleasure, my camera is the instrument I have chosen to capture the memories.

So I bring it. Always. And, I take the shot.
And, I also, always bring Wilson, my trusted assistant, mainly because he won’t let the boat leave the dock unless he’s in it.

And, I’m always glad I did.

Here is a glimpse into behind the scenes of the art of Nest Key from Saturday, otherwise titled, “Adventures with Wilson.”

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