3 years ago a senior athlete reached out via email and asked how much I’d charge to take pictures at one ladies’ basketball game. I told her it would be a privilege; I’d be happy to come to their sidelines and capture a game as a school volunteer, just like I do for the CSHS mens’ teams.

That launched a relationship between me and the Lady Canes sports teams which has been a blessing in my life. At the second home basketball game I attended, a freshman Lady Cane followed me in the bathroom and said, “Miss Joy, we appreciate you so much we got you a shirt. If you’d like to wear it at our next game we’d love for you to be part of the team.”

Next game? No one changed shirts faster in a bathroom than me that afternoon.
That freshman was the lovely Kailee.

Imagine when I went to the first softball game of the season and there she was. A multi-sport, exceptionally talented athlete. Starting shortstop and pitcher, a phenom already as a freshman. I shouldn’t have been surprised the next fall when I walked into the gym for the first volleyball game and there was Kailee. A few inches over five feet, this gorgeous young woman plays with more heart than women who have almost a foot over her frame.

Triple sport athlete. As talented, fierce and competitive as she is beautiful. Natural leader, competitive, sweet, kind and modest.

I’ve so enjoyed watching her on these courts and fields.

Now it’s time for Kailee to graduate. Every year, it seems, a few of these athletes take a piece of my heart with them on into their next chapter. Kailee owns a big one.

Congratulations Kailee!

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