There is a crack in everything;

that’s how the light gets in.

leonard cohen

To be loved exactly as we are.
It feels like being home.
Exactly right.


Yet, it’s so easy to look at others and catch glimpses of their imperfections.
That little space that broadens to a gap.
The crevice that separates our easy acceptance and links instead to the cavern of judgement. Humans set apart on that jagged edge between acquaintance and stranger.

Less than perfect.

 I love art.  I’m particularly drawn to photography,  pottery and handblown glass.  I bought this vase for myself on sale from @anthropologie as an incentive to complete my home office.   The blue matches the color I’ll paint one of the walls. 

I loved this vase.
When it was perfect.

A few weeks ago I got a call.  My son upset.  “Mom, I swear I’m going to pay and get you a new one.  Mom, I know you love it so much.  I promise, Mom.  I’m going to save my money and I’ll buy you it again. Mom…….”

Hey, slow down.  Tell me what happened?

I heard the story of the remote that he dropped onto the coffee table.   One thing fell into another and next thing you know, vase on the floor. 

Out of breath.

Filled with sorrow.

“It’s ok.  Hold on.  Was it an accident?”

“Yes.  I just don’t know the name of the store, but I can buy it when you tell me.  You got it online so we can do it again when I give you the money.”

“Look it was a mistake, right?”


“And, you called me to tell me the truth, right?”


“And, I always tell you if you tell me the truth right away, we can figure anything out.  If you lie, that’s when problems start that sometimes can’t get fixed. There is nothing that can get you in trouble more than lying.”

“Yes.”   In a voice not as sad as before.  A little bit hopeful; still not sure.

“So…… you could have blamed the dog, right?” 

“Well, yes, but technically that would be pretty mean to do to Benji.”    I can hear the smile forming.

“Ok – so, you told me the truth and that’s a big deal.  And, truth is the most important thing. Not the vase. So, how much you want to bet we can fix this.  Let’s wait until I get home and we will try.  Don’t worry.  I’ll be home in 5 minutes and we will figure it out.”

I loved this vase.
Now I love it even more.

Not perfect.
Edges that don’t line up perfectly.
A peek of light through the broken parts.

Sort of like me.

And, a reminder of what truth feels like.

To be loved exactly as we are.
Feels like home.


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