I debated this week on carrying my camera on the flight to Austin for business as I knew my schedule allowed for very minimal time to take any shots.

Yet, the pull of my Nikon D750 was too tempting to resist. I packed the camera in my purse twice and took it out. Finally, I decided just the camera, one lens and the battery charger. Just in case I found anything interesting in the hotel. Even if I never made it outside except to and from the airport.

I woke up super early on Wednesday to try to get in a walk around the block to a park to see what I could shoot before my first breakfast meeting of the day. You’ve seen a few shots from The Lorax Collection as I took that walk.

Austin proved for me once again there is always beauty all around you if you just take a second to glance and actually see it.

Here is Reflections in Austin either from my room on the 29th Floor of the JW Marriott or just the two block walk immediately surrounding it that same morning.

❤️ you, Austin.

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