he was her prom date.
half a lifetime later, she is his bride.

on july 9th 2022, as noel and manny concluded their first kiss as husband and wife they both turned with hands raised in the air to face the boats in florida’s bay. as the cheers from their nautical, bikini clad interlopers skipped over the waves, their friends and family joined in the celebration. happiness dancing across the sand mingling in the beach and bay touching everyone present with joy.

it’s been decades since their first kiss.
decades filled with memories, resulting in the blended family which joined noel and manny on the sand as their wedding party. watching with smiles as their parents exchanged rings and a commitment to love each other for the rest of their lives. just like noel’s and manny’s moms who are both present remembering a night all of those years ago when they saw this same couple off to prom the corsages now exchanged for a bridal bouquet and a rose on a lapel.

a hot summer day, the heat sweltering. yet, noel and manny all smiles. fresh, singing along as the music of their first dance floats above the sand. not a care in the world, eyes only for each other.


the years fade away; love remains.
deep and true.

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