“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.”  Shirley Chisholm

for the young women just beginning to live into their potential,

the older woman who have strived and succeeded,

all of the rest of us women who are somewhere in-between,

thank you for making the difference.

happy international women’s day!

international women’s day celebrates all women,regardless of age, race, culture, socio-economic position,

who take a stand, pull up a seat, raise a voice or speak a whisper,

who contribute to the beauty in our world.   

especially we recognize all of the moms who are raising girls and boys

encouraging compassion, strength, thoughtfulness, creativity, courage, talent, perseverance –

teaching them to value humanity regardless of race, gender, culture.  

the impact of your commitment to these children will bring value throughout this and future generations.  

the women who dance; the women who soar; the women who pray; the women who mourn; the women who strive; the women who dream

thank you

for being you.

happy international women’s day.

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