1987.   Quakertown, PA.   Tiny gas station in town.   Her friend told her I have someone I’d like you to meet.  His name is Chris.  He’s a little young, but I think you’ll like him.

Chris likes to remember just how Pennslyvania cool he was back in the day.  Too absorbed in finding that hot song on the radio to pay much attention when destiny walked up with her beautiful hazel eyes and flashed him that smile.  Chris likes to tease that Jen chased him all over the county before he gave in.  Jen smiles and lets him believe it’s not far from the truth.

Truth comes in different sizes and many colors, varying words and a kaleidoscope of pursuits.

Jen’s truth is written in obsidian against pale skin.  Handwriting copied from a letter dated 1988.   Chris’ note to her while she was in college.  All of these years later, every letter, every word.  Saved. 

“In my life.  I love you more.”

On a tiny slip of sand, smack in the middle of paradise, 30 years later to the day, Chris and Jen celebrated their wedding anniversary by renewing their vows.  December 28, 2021.

As they locked hands across time, the memories of a lifetime built on love flooded in.  Two adult sons, Ryan and Kieran, wait anxiously for pictures at home.   A serene space filled with laughter, family, generosity and friends.  Need an excuse for a theme party, call the Harringtons, they’ll murder mystery, nascar, pirate, new years, birthday….any opportunity to share their home, laugh with friends, gather in the moment, they’re in.   There’s nothing better.

30 years.

Jen’s parents were married for 43 years.  High school sweethearts.  Their modeling of a loving, respectful, generous relationship is the foundation on which Chris and Jen launched their love.  A commitment to enjoy every day and each other.   Recognize fun as she trots in to a scene;  walk gently with disappointment when he slips into a moment; be grateful in all things.   Time is fleeting.

30 years.   A blink of an eye.

If love is measured in smiles and laughter, the love Jen and Chris share is boundless, unlimited, free and fierce.  If love is measured in commitment, honor, generosity and selflessness, the love Jen and Chris share is exemplary, deep and bold. If love is measured in the amount it’s shared, Chris and Jen have wealth beyond measure.

For my new friends, Jen and Chris, happy anniversary.  Thank you for the gift of sharing your moments.  I count it a privilege.   

“May your joy be as deep as the ocean, and your misfortunes as light as the foam.”  (celctic wedding blessing).


This is awesome!!! Love love love ❤️

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