walk with me

down a sunflower path

filled with notes of love

and promises;

filled with shared memories
and inside jokes

walk with me

to a future full of love

and laughter

where we’ll dance

even when the music stops playing

where we’ll smile

even through our fears

i’ll walk with you
i’ll be by your side, I’ll bend and retrieve your notes

so you don’t have to

i’ll watch while you read with

eyes full of love
i’ll smile when you laugh
i’ll try to breathe as we get closer

as you walk with me
to our future.

we reach our path’s end

and it’s exquisite

just as i’d hoped.

just like you.

i drop to one knee,

and you let me ask you.

we’ve walked together since high school,

not nearly long enough.
i’ll walk with you forever, if you let me.

say “you’ll be my wife.”

you say, “yes.”
my dream come true.
and, oh how i love you.

walk with me, and never again will i walk alone.

zeleen, the woman of my dreams.

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